Practice Area


Aylmer Parade
Aylmer Road

Bancroft Avenue
(1-35 & 2-44 only)

Great North Road
(0BT, 0BL, 0NX, 0NY,
0PB & 0PD only,
incl Whittington Court)


Archway Road
(143-513, 118-512,
Bridge Court, Coronation
Cottage & Woodberry View
Avenue Road
Bakers Lane
Bishops Road
Bloomfield Road
Bramalea Close
Broadbent Close
Broadlands Close
Broadlands Road
Broughton Gardens
Castle Yard
Causton Road
Cholmeley Crescent
Cholmeley Park
Church Road
Claremont Road
Colwick Close
Compton Avenue
Courtenay Avenue
Cromwell Avenue
Cromwell Place
Denewood Road
Dukes Head Yard
Fordington Road
Gaskell Road
Grange Road
Great North Road
Grimshaw Place
Hampstead Lane
(even numbers only)
Highgate Avenue
Highgate Close
Highgate High Street
(even numbers only,
incl Parkview Mansion)
Highgate Hill
(92-130 even numbers only
but NOT N19)
Hillside Gardens
Holmesdale Road

Hornsey Lane
(odd numbers only,
incl Linden Mansions
& Northwood Hall
but NOT Fitzwarren House)
Hornsey Lane Gardens
Hurst Avenue
Jacksons Lane
Jacqueline Creft Terrace
Kenwood Road
Kingsley Place
Lanchester Road
Langdon Park Road
Maurice Bishop Terrace
Maybury Mews
Milton Avenue
Milton Park
Milton Road
Muswell Hill Road
(1-76 even nos plus
Southwood Hall)
North Grove
North Hill
North Hill Avenue
North Road
Northwood Road
Oldfield Mews
Orchard Road
Parkgate Mews
Priory Gardens
Regency Terrace
Ridgeway Gardens
Ridings Close
Rowlands Close
Sheldon Avenue
Shepherds Close
Shepherds Hill
Somerset Gardens
South Close
Southwood Avenue
Southwood Lane
Southwood Lawn Road
Stanhope Gardens
Stanhope Road
Storey Road
Stormont Road
Summersby Road
Sussex Gardens
Talbot Road
The Bank
The Park
Tile Kiln Lane
Townsend Yard
Toyne Way
Tudor Close
View Close
View Road
Wembury Mews
Wembury Road
Winchester Place
Winchester Road
Wood Lane
Woodside Avenue
(1-37 odd numbers only
& 2-68 even numbers
plus Patmore Lodge)
Wychwood End
Yeatman Road

Camden & Islington

Angel Yard
Bacons Lane
Bisham Gardens
Fitzroy Close
Fitzroy Park
(incl Highfields)
Hampstead Lane
(odd numbers only)
Highgate High Street
(odd numbers only)
Highgate West Hill
(37-107 & 36-110)
Holly Lodge
Holly Terrace
Hornsey Lane
(even numbers and
south side only)
Landhouse Avenue
Langbourne Avenue
Makepeace Avenue
Merton Lane
Millfield Lane
Netherleigh Close
Oakeshott Avenue
Pond Square
Robin Grove
South Grove
Swains Lane
The Grove
The Hexagon
Thornbury Square
Witanhurst Lane


Connaught Gardens
Cranley Gardens
Muswell Hill Road
(up to 138)
Onslow Gardens
Queenswood Road
Wood Vale
Woodland Gardens
Woodland Rise

New Model of Care for patients with long term conditions

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The Enhanced Access Service will be delivered via hub sites across Haringey. Enhanced Access Hub direct from 6.30pm Monday – Friday, 9am on Saturday and 8am on Sunday: 0330 053 9499 and currently hosted at Queenswood Medical Practice in Crouch End: