Covid 19 and Proof of Vaccination

COVID-19 advice and services

Get NHS advice about COVID-19, including symptoms, testing, vaccination, and self-isolation. Click here for more information.

Book, cancel or change a COVID-19 vaccination appointment

If you are eligible to receive a Covid-19 vaccination – please click this link to be re-directed to the NHS booking service.

Access to NHS App, NHS Covid Pass (Travel & Domestic Events) for ages 13 and over

13 years and older: Access the NHS App.
Under 16 years: cannot access a COVID Pass for travel.
16 years or over: Can get a digital NHS COVID Pass for travel.
18 years or over: Can use your digital NHS COVID Pass for domestic events and venues.
Under 18 years: Do not have to show proof of vaccination or test results for domestic events or venues in England.

Travel COVID Pass Letter

You can get a COVID Pass Letter (please click here for more information via the NHS website) if:

  • you’re aged 16 or over
  • you’re fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine used in the UK
  • you had your vaccination in England or the Isle of Man
  • you’re registered with a GP in England or the Isle of Man

A GP is NOT able to issue a pass or any form of documentation that is valid for travel.
Persons traveling should always consult the ever-changing requirements for entry into countries they intend to travel to.  Some countries for example will allow children access if they are traveling with fully vaccinated adults with no requirements for testing, other countries insist that children have PCR tests prior to travel.

There is no current planned change to citizens under the age of 16 being able to access a COVID Pass for travel.

Vaccinations Abroad
Tell the NHS about coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations you’ve had abroad

This service (please click here) enables you to book an appointment to show evidence of any coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccinations you’ve had outside of England. This is so the NHS can securely update your vaccination record.

New Model of Care for patients with long term conditions

Please click here to visit our page for more information

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The Enhanced Access Service will be delivered via hub sites across Haringey. Enhanced Access Hub direct from 6.30pm Monday – Friday, 9am on Saturday and 8am on Sunday: 0330 053 9499 and currently hosted at Queenswood Medical Practice in Crouch End: