Combat Damp and Mould for a Healthier Home and Life

Living in a damp and mouldy environment can have serious consequences on your health, particularly for vulnerable individuals like children, older adults, and those with weakened immune systems. The impact goes beyond just physical health, extending to mental well-being, potentially leading to anxiety and depression.

Here are some resources and support services available to help you address damp and mould concerns and maintain a healthy living space:

NHS Damp and Mould Information
Learn about the health implications of damp and mould on the official NHS page.

Haringey Council – Help with Damp and Mould
Get assistance and guidance on dealing with damp and mould issues in your home through Haringey Council’s dedicated page.

Haringey Council – Winter Preparedness
Explore information on preparing for winter, including flu vaccinations, to safeguard your health during colder months.

Haringey Here to Help
Access a range of support services provided by Haringey Council to ensure your well-being.

Haringey Support Fund
Find financial assistance through the Haringey Support Fund if you are facing challenges in meeting essential costs.

Haringey Citizens Advice Bureau
Seek advice on various issues, including housing, from the Haringey Citizens Advice Bureau.

NHS Prescription Prepayment Certificate
Explore options for managing prescription costs with NHS Prescription Prepayment Certificates.

Haringey Cold Weather Support
Stay warm and well during colder weather with support from Haringey Council, including winter fuel payments and warm home discounts.

Haringey Talking Therapies
Access mental health support through Haringey Talking Therapies.

Mental Health Resource Hub
Explore resources and services available to support mental health in Haringey.

Haringey Reach and Connect
Connect with resources and support specifically tailored for individuals over 50.

Connected Communities
Access council and voluntary support services to strengthen community connections.

SHINE London Energy Bill Assistance
For residents struggling with energy bills, contact SHINE London at [email protected] or Tel: 0300 5550195.

Remember, if you’re facing damp and mould issues, reach out to the council team at [email protected] with your full address, including postcode, full name, and contact details.

If you’re a tenant of a private landlord or in temporary accommodation, report issues to the Private Sector Housing Team at [email protected].