Access to Medical Records

The UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR), which was implemented in the UK through the Data Protection Act 2018, gives individuals the right of access to their personal data from any health and care organisation that holds records on them.  

This right is commonly referred to as ‘subject access’. Please click here for more information on what a Subject Access Request (SAR) is. There are also common questions relating to SARs.

Please follow the below link to download and read our Subject Access Request Policy  here

Patients are requested to complete and submit the below application form for “Subject Access Request”.

Or download and send the form 

The Practice will normally respond to a Subject Access Request within one calendar month of receipt but it might take longer if there is a need to copy paper records. This period will not commence until the Practice is satisfied as to the identity and authority of the applicant.
Solicitors applying are advised that they should provide evidence that they are acting for the data subject although a signed authority is NOT required if the solicitor is in good standing and registered as practicing by the Law Society. The practice is aware of the code of practice on use of medical information for insurance requests and will ensure that this guidance is followed; solicitors not following it will be reported to the regulatory bodies.
The Practice may seek further information from the applicant as to the specific information requested. Any request for clarification may suspend the one calendar month period until the required information is received.

We can only process Subject Access Requests from active patients or Access to Health Care Records Act 1990 for individuals who have passed away and were registered in our practice at the time of death.

Please follow the below link for more information and documents you will need to provide for deceased people.

PCSE will process the Access to Health Records request if: the deceased patient was unregistered at the time of death.

PCSE stores NHS GP medical records for people who are no longer registered with a GP, for example, patients who move abroad or are registered with a private GP.  Please follow the link to contact Primary Care Support England

Can I access someone else’s medical records (health records)? Please click here to be directed to NHS England guidelines

Subject Access Request
Alternatively please upload the completed and signed form (page 9 from our policy)

Maximum file size: 8.39MB

Upload proof of ID (Your ID will not be stored) *

Maximum file size: 8.39MB

Do you want a copy of entire GP record? Please select appropriately
If the request is made on behalf of an individual please upload the completed and signed form (page 10 from our policy)

Maximum file size: 8.39MB

New Model of Care for patients with long term conditions

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The Enhanced Access Service will be delivered via hub sites across Haringey. Enhanced Access Hub direct from 6.30pm Monday – Friday, 9am on Saturday and 8am on Sunday: 0330 053 9499 and currently hosted at Queenswood Medical Practice in Crouch End: