Training Practice

Registrars, Foundation Doctors, and Students

Highgate group practice is a teaching and training practice.

Medical students

Medical students from the clinical years (years 4,5 and 6) are taught at the practice. They may be attached to the practice for core general practice, dermatology, or cardiovascular disease. They will have tutorials and may sit in clinics with doctors and nurses. They may see patients but patients will then be reviewed by a senior doctor.  Please let the patient services staff or the doctor/nurse know if you do not want to see a student.

Foundation doctors (F2)

Foundation doctors (F2s) are trained at the practice.  Foundation doctors have qualified as doctors and have completed one year in hospital medicine.  They will be attached to our practice for a four-month period during their second year as a qualified doctor.  During the foundation year, they will decide which specialty they want to apply for.  The attachment is important so that the doctor has experience and an understanding of patients’ general practice issues and is clear of the links with the hospital service.  They may sit in clinics or run their own general practice surgeries. They will always be supported by senior doctors.

Registrars (ST1, ST2, ST3 or ST4)

Doctors who have successfully applied for a career in general practice are enrolled in a vocational training scheme (VTS)  in General practice.  These doctors are called GP registrars.  They will be at least in their third year post qualification.

Highgate Group practice currently has five GP partners who train registrars. Registrars will be attached for a minimum of 6 months and up to 18 months. The registrars are closely supervised by their trainers. Training includes tutorials, the trainer sitting in on the registrar’s surgeries, overseeing the registrar’s clinics, completion of a portfolio online and some project work.

Registrars will initially sit in on consultations with the doctors at the practice but will then have their own surgeries

Videotaping Consultations

As part of the training for foundation doctors and registrars consultations may be videotaped.  The video consultation is a very useful way of looking at the clinical and consultation skills of the registrar or foundation doctor. You will be given prior warning and you can opt-out should you prefer.

It is a legal requirement that the confidentiality of patients’ records is maintained at the highest level by all staff.