Overseas Vaccination Validation Service at Bidborough House

At Bidborough House vaccination centre, Kings Cross, there is a walk-in service for those vaccinated abroad to bring their vaccination evidence into the National Immunisation Service. This will help citizens apply for the Covid Pass.

The service is based at Bidborough House, Bidborough Street, WC1H 9BT

The requirements are:

To have an NHS number and be registered with a GP in England, To bring an in date valid passport, To have evidence of each dose of vaccine administered overseas.

For more information please follow the below link


Polio booster vaccination
All children in London aged one to nine are to be offered a polio booster vaccination in coming weeks, following an announcement by the NHS and UKHSA.

The NHS England (Not our Practice) will soon be in touch if your child is within this age group, to tell you how and when they will be able to get their vaccination. Please do not contact health services about polio boosters at this stage, as staff are very busy setting up this vaccination programme. You can find general information on polio vaccination here https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/polio/

Our practice has send information for walk in clinics for 6 to 9 year old children who are eligible for the extra supplementary Polio Booster: https://nclhealthandcare.org.uk/keeping-well/baby-and-childhood-vaccinations/polio/polio-walk-in-vaccinations-for-6-9-year-olds/

Meanwhile, if your child has fallen behind with their routine programme of vaccinations (not including this polio booster), please urgently get in contact with our Practice so that they can get protected as soon as possible (please request to book a nursing vaccination appointment)

Please follow the link to see information about vaccinations and when to have them: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/vaccinations/nhs-vaccinations-and-when-to-have-them/